For the Love of Little Things

About this time 4 years ago, in 2012 three things happened that grabbed my by the throat & changed my life.

I finally lost about 40lbs with the purple juice thing. My oldest stepson was hospitalized with a lifethreatening condition right after we drove in from a juice conference (he was hours away from death). And a few weeks later I got a letter from a Urologist stating that my then boyfriend (my now ex-fiancee’s) vasectomy reversal had failed.

If I had the life experience then that I have now I would hope I would make some better choices.

For starters I would tell myself that I hiding behind my computer, gaming, unemployed and in a blue housecoat 18hrs a day wasn’t the right option for me.

I would have grieved differently.

I would have opened up more to my partner & been there for them better. I would have researched more options for us. I wouldn’t have isolated & neglected my amazing stepsons so much. I wouldn’t have ignored the only 1yr old Boon dog, and neglected our daily walkies. I wouldn’t have comforted myself with food and gained back almost all of that 40lbs by the end of that year.

I would have loved the little things more.

There’s a lot of quotes out there about the pain of regret & guilt but I picked this one because it felt the best.

I love it deep down to my soul & I think it’s gonna be my new life mantra.

Keep going.

No Matter what you do, no matter how many times you screw up and think to yourself “there’s no point to carry on”, no matter how many people tell you that you can’t do it – keep going. Don’t quit.
Don’t quit, because a month from now you will be that much closer to your goal than you are now. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Make today count.

~ Author Unknown

Keep going.

All things considered, that’s not such a bad idea.

Neither is this.


99 Little Things that I Love

1. Holding my step-children.

2. The look on Jesse’s face when he’s being a goof-nugget. AKA posing for every picture ever.

3. The way Boon Dog “Aaaroooos” & sticks his butt in the air every time I ask him if he want’s to go for a walk.

4. Shower water gliding over my body while a gentle breeze flows through a cracked open window.

5. The smell of the ocean after/during a storm.

6. Holding Chad’s hand while I drive.

7. Going into work at 4:30am and getting down to business.

8. Kind hearted people.

9. Walking barefoot on lush grass.

10. Spending too much time lost in a good book.

11. Connecting over Facebook with people I love and miss… a lot.

12. Friends who have incredibly wonderful senses of humor and unfathomable depths to their soul.

13. Writing letters of love & poetry.

14. Stolen kisses that last and last and last. HOT.

15. Having the love and loyalty of an amazing man.

16. Watching a firey monkey baby do backflips.

17. Journaling late at night or at an ungodly early hour.

18. Strawberries. OMFG I cannot wait till U-Pick Strawberry season is here!!!

19. Seriously. Strawberries.

20. Having talks that mean something… and really feel / get felt by the other person.

21. Surprises.

22. Walking outside, this is actually a huge thing for my mental wellbeing that makes me happiest when I do it daily.

23. Making raw food.

24. Feeling proud of myself for making healthy eating choices. i.e. actually eating raw food.

25. Learning from inspiring people.

26. Giving people an emotional boost, or a shout out of appreciation.

27. Donating money to a cause I really care about.

28. Watching the sun come up.

29. Standing outside during the full moons light and seeing everything. Vividly.

30. Driving fast with the windows all the way down.

31. Seeing someone make a breakthrough & experiencing that joy with them.

32. Laughing in complete abandon.

33. Finding a top that fits me (all sexy like).

34. A cool tile floor on hot feet.

35. Savouring the feelings of success that comes from drinking all 8 glasses of water.

36. People that you just know have authentic, one of a kind personalities/perspectives.

37. Finding a positive new way to look at a long held belief.

38. Public displays of affection.

39. Quiet strolls in the woods.

40. Appreciating someone’s strengths.

41. Learning about something I’m passionate about.

42. Having a surplus of dollars in my bank account.

43. Doing 3 sinks full of dishes by hand in 9minutes with the help of Chad.

44. Going bra-less. (generally this one doesn’t mix well with #33, but oh well).

45. Being near vast amounts of water. Naked.

46. Creating a blog post from the heart.

47. Listening to Hailey and Wyatt as they excitedly converse about Playdough.

48. Binge watching Longmire with Chad. (Don’t do it. This show is seriously addicting… Come on Season 5!!!)

49. Going onto the beach at midnight & running away from waves.

50. Reflecting on all the little pieces of my life I feel gratitude for.

51. Getting a little wiser every year.

52. Learning how to lighten up more.

53. Remembering the good times with each of my parents.

54. Sweet childhood memories.

55. Learning to be a better (more patient, more loving, less demanding) parent to our children.

56. An exchange of energy in the form of a smile or a look from a stranger, in which you can just feel the connection between you both.

57. A healthy dose of not taking myself so fricken seriously.

58. Light colored wood floors.

59. Creating better feeling thoughts.

60. Observing personalities come to life.

61. Buying groceries. (It’s a lot of fun)

62. Making once in a life-time rendevous.

63. Listening to all things Abraham-Hicks, especially when I’m working in the kitchen.

64. Audiobooks + Walks. The holy grail combination of learning & moving my body.

65. Eating when I’m hungry.

66. Finding common ground.

67. Being a Gemini, Fire Rabbit, triple yin wood (bamboo), ENFJ personality type.

68. Diving deep into Psychology & Spirituality.

69. Going on adventures. *Insert Hobbit-like skipping here*

70. Being human.

71. Being able to make mistakes and not be so harsh on myself when I do.

72. Learning to extend that same kindness in #71 to others.

73. Feeling alive. It’s right up there with waking up this side of the ground every morning.

74. Being corny.

75. Doing/saying something just to make someone else giggle.

76. Fucking swearing whenever I damn well please.

77. Watching wildflowers dance in fields with long yellow grass.

78. Being in love with life. The happy, the sad, the beautiful and the messy parts of life.

79. Popcorn movie night with the kids.

80. Caring & feeling cared for.

81. Dancing barefoot around & on the livingroom table .

82. Explaining in fits of laughter why there are footprints on the livingroom table (the same table that moments ago they were wide mouthed & about to eat food from).

83. Having an energy cycle that infuses rather than depletes.

84. Listening to Electronic Dance Music.

85. Making vegetarian lasagne. And of course eating it. Damn tasty!

86. Finding money in unexpected places.

87. Musicals.

88. Botanical Garden Walks.

89. Pushing my own limits.

90. Taking delight in someone else’s conversation at a Coffee Shop.

91. Getting over my ego.

92. Making peace with my body & finding parts of it to love.

93. Helping someone.

94. Listening.

95. Seeing someone create a work beauty.

96. Knowing that a story is a co-creation between a word crafter & someone who interprets meaning from those words.

97. Experiencing life on multiple levels.

98. Being ok with not getting it all done.

99. Choosing to keep going.

What Little things do you love? I would love to celebrate them with you.

Leave me a comment and let me know.


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