The Power of Dreams

Do you give yourself permission to dream?

For many, the dreams of slumber-time are an involuntary experiences but what about luxuriating in sumptuous day dreams? And what about selfishly indulging in a dream that sends sparks to your very soul?

“Selfish Dreamscapes
If you have a dream, as you should, relish in being selfish about building every passionate aspect of it. The crowd of spectators and consumers will still be exactly where you left them… gossiping about everybody else’s dream but their own.”
T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with “The Divine Presence”

The Evolution of Dreams
Ever since I was little I’ve always dreamed of 2 things with (mostly) consistency:

1) helping people &

2) being a mom

When I was somewhere between the age of 7-10 years old I put a note in a little blue box and I wrote on it that I wanted to be a doctor for children.

When I was 17 I changed that idea to becoming a nurse & I remember while I was working at the Henry Wise Wood High School Library in Calgary the ladies gave me a little nurse teddy bear with a pewter book marker which featured: a nurse cap & syringe.

My early twenties were pretty “up in the air” in the career department but about 4 years ago I started getting seriously interested in coaching.

Back around 2012 I entered a Jack Canfield Coaching program. There was one exercise in particular that I’ll never forget. In it our objective was to find our Life’s Purpose by going into a deep guided trance. It was really cool actually. Maybe as close as I’ll ever get to an LSD experience. There was even a part where I opened up my purpose box from a goddess of radiance & in it there was a serpentine creature wrapped around a vial of pink sparkling liquid…

Ok so I’m not exactly sure how that pink vial translates to my interpretation of it which was “guiding and nurturing others to the greatest fulfilment of their lives” but it is a dream that still speaks to me to this day. Sometimes in whispers, sometimes in a gut wrenching feeling like what the hell am I doing with my life, but it speaks to me.

Everything from the conception to the birth of your dream is a divinely precious event.

Your dreams are the hopes, wants and desires of your soul be they ambitious, sensual, materialistic, generous, expansive, humanitarian, fantastical, intimate, burning like a flame in your belly or softly illuminating your eyes, your dreams are things of astounding beauty.

Dance with with your dreams.

Take time to lay awake with your dreams. Last thing at night & first thing in the morning is best.

Love them like your children.

Celebrate that which you were called to do.

Your Dreams are the stuff that makes up your legacy & your higher calling. Chances are if you aren’t living out some part of it you’ll know. You’ll know because you’ll be f’ing miserable. …At least I was.

Your Plans VS The Universe’s Plans for You
Your Plan Vs The Universe's Plan
Truth be told, walking the path of your dream isn’t easy. It’s not smooth. It jerks you around more than a Gorilla learning stick shift.

Maybe the most daunting part of “turning your dreams into reality” is realizing nobody else is holding a manual. It takes guts & gumption to live in accordance with your dream. It’s a hell of a thing to make a choice that you know isn’t going to please everyone or saying no to yourself when it comes to an easy out opportunity.

Bringing a dream to life takes a burning desire & a focused mind. It takes an indomitable attitude. And that’s just to get you out of bed in the morning.

But you won’t be alone…

The Power of Dreamers
Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. The the Wright brothers had a dream. Much like Jim Carrey, Will Smith & Madonna had a dream. Arnold Schwarzenegger had a dream. And let’s not forget the dreams of Malala Yousafzai, Jane Goodall, Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Louise Hay, and countless more.

But perhaps the only reason why we know & will go on remembering the names of those dreamers is because their dreams – their vision and their focused thoughts, met their deeds. To put it simply they walked their talk.

What’s your dream?

Will you take it by the hand? (and maybe most importantly) will you dance?


For the Love of Little Things

About this time 4 years ago, in 2012 three things happened that grabbed my by the throat & changed my life.

I finally lost about 40lbs with the purple juice thing. My oldest stepson was hospitalized with a lifethreatening condition right after we drove in from a juice conference (he was hours away from death). And a few weeks later I got a letter from a Urologist stating that my then boyfriend (my now ex-fiancee’s) vasectomy reversal had failed.

If I had the life experience then that I have now I would hope I would make some better choices.

For starters I would tell myself that I hiding behind my computer, gaming, unemployed and in a blue housecoat 18hrs a day wasn’t the right option for me.

I would have grieved differently.

I would have opened up more to my partner & been there for them better. I would have researched more options for us. I wouldn’t have isolated & neglected my amazing stepsons so much. I wouldn’t have ignored the only 1yr old Boon dog, and neglected our daily walkies. I wouldn’t have comforted myself with food and gained back almost all of that 40lbs by the end of that year.

I would have loved the little things more.

There’s a lot of quotes out there about the pain of regret & guilt but I picked this one because it felt the best.

I love it deep down to my soul & I think it’s gonna be my new life mantra.

Keep going.

No Matter what you do, no matter how many times you screw up and think to yourself “there’s no point to carry on”, no matter how many people tell you that you can’t do it – keep going. Don’t quit.
Don’t quit, because a month from now you will be that much closer to your goal than you are now. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Make today count.

~ Author Unknown

Keep going.

All things considered, that’s not such a bad idea.

Neither is this.


99 Little Things that I Love

1. Holding my step-children.

2. The look on Jesse’s face when he’s being a goof-nugget. AKA posing for every picture ever.

3. The way Boon Dog “Aaaroooos” & sticks his butt in the air every time I ask him if he want’s to go for a walk.

4. Shower water gliding over my body while a gentle breeze flows through a cracked open window.

5. The smell of the ocean after/during a storm.

6. Holding Chad’s hand while I drive.

7. Going into work at 4:30am and getting down to business.

8. Kind hearted people.

9. Walking barefoot on lush grass.

10. Spending too much time lost in a good book.

11. Connecting over Facebook with people I love and miss… a lot.

12. Friends who have incredibly wonderful senses of humor and unfathomable depths to their soul.

13. Writing letters of love & poetry.

14. Stolen kisses that last and last and last. HOT.

15. Having the love and loyalty of an amazing man.

16. Watching a firey monkey baby do backflips.

17. Journaling late at night or at an ungodly early hour.

18. Strawberries. OMFG I cannot wait till U-Pick Strawberry season is here!!!

19. Seriously. Strawberries.

20. Having talks that mean something… and really feel / get felt by the other person.

21. Surprises.

22. Walking outside, this is actually a huge thing for my mental wellbeing that makes me happiest when I do it daily.

23. Making raw food.

24. Feeling proud of myself for making healthy eating choices. i.e. actually eating raw food.

25. Learning from inspiring people.

26. Giving people an emotional boost, or a shout out of appreciation.

27. Donating money to a cause I really care about.

28. Watching the sun come up.

29. Standing outside during the full moons light and seeing everything. Vividly.

30. Driving fast with the windows all the way down.

31. Seeing someone make a breakthrough & experiencing that joy with them.

32. Laughing in complete abandon.

33. Finding a top that fits me (all sexy like).

34. A cool tile floor on hot feet.

35. Savouring the feelings of success that comes from drinking all 8 glasses of water.

36. People that you just know have authentic, one of a kind personalities/perspectives.

37. Finding a positive new way to look at a long held belief.

38. Public displays of affection.

39. Quiet strolls in the woods.

40. Appreciating someone’s strengths.

41. Learning about something I’m passionate about.

42. Having a surplus of dollars in my bank account.

43. Doing 3 sinks full of dishes by hand in 9minutes with the help of Chad.

44. Going bra-less. (generally this one doesn’t mix well with #33, but oh well).

45. Being near vast amounts of water. Naked.

46. Creating a blog post from the heart.

47. Listening to Hailey and Wyatt as they excitedly converse about Playdough.

48. Binge watching Longmire with Chad. (Don’t do it. This show is seriously addicting… Come on Season 5!!!)

49. Going onto the beach at midnight & running away from waves.

50. Reflecting on all the little pieces of my life I feel gratitude for.

51. Getting a little wiser every year.

52. Learning how to lighten up more.

53. Remembering the good times with each of my parents.

54. Sweet childhood memories.

55. Learning to be a better (more patient, more loving, less demanding) parent to our children.

56. An exchange of energy in the form of a smile or a look from a stranger, in which you can just feel the connection between you both.

57. A healthy dose of not taking myself so fricken seriously.

58. Light colored wood floors.

59. Creating better feeling thoughts.

60. Observing personalities come to life.

61. Buying groceries. (It’s a lot of fun)

62. Making once in a life-time rendevous.

63. Listening to all things Abraham-Hicks, especially when I’m working in the kitchen.

64. Audiobooks + Walks. The holy grail combination of learning & moving my body.

65. Eating when I’m hungry.

66. Finding common ground.

67. Being a Gemini, Fire Rabbit, triple yin wood (bamboo), ENFJ personality type.

68. Diving deep into Psychology & Spirituality.

69. Going on adventures. *Insert Hobbit-like skipping here*

70. Being human.

71. Being able to make mistakes and not be so harsh on myself when I do.

72. Learning to extend that same kindness in #71 to others.

73. Feeling alive. It’s right up there with waking up this side of the ground every morning.

74. Being corny.

75. Doing/saying something just to make someone else giggle.

76. Fucking swearing whenever I damn well please.

77. Watching wildflowers dance in fields with long yellow grass.

78. Being in love with life. The happy, the sad, the beautiful and the messy parts of life.

79. Popcorn movie night with the kids.

80. Caring & feeling cared for.

81. Dancing barefoot around & on the livingroom table .

82. Explaining in fits of laughter why there are footprints on the livingroom table (the same table that moments ago they were wide mouthed & about to eat food from).

83. Having an energy cycle that infuses rather than depletes.

84. Listening to Electronic Dance Music.

85. Making vegetarian lasagne. And of course eating it. Damn tasty!

86. Finding money in unexpected places.

87. Musicals.

88. Botanical Garden Walks.

89. Pushing my own limits.

90. Taking delight in someone else’s conversation at a Coffee Shop.

91. Getting over my ego.

92. Making peace with my body & finding parts of it to love.

93. Helping someone.

94. Listening.

95. Seeing someone create a work beauty.

96. Knowing that a story is a co-creation between a word crafter & someone who interprets meaning from those words.

97. Experiencing life on multiple levels.

98. Being ok with not getting it all done.

99. Choosing to keep going.

What Little things do you love? I would love to celebrate them with you.

Leave me a comment and let me know.

How to Follow-Through & Make Change Stick – in 5 Simple Steps

I think it’s fair to say, after 28 years of winging it that there’s something to be said for having a good plan.

In general it’s easy to admire people who create good plans, plans which they actually stick with. I’m talking solid plans, like the kind you write out on paper with a pen, pin to your walls/mirrors and reflect on everyday in a borderline obsessive fashion that makes your spouse go “what the heck are you into now?”. These plans can be anything from careers & business to having a baby, achieving some new level of personal fitness, creating a relationship, buying a house, cleaning out your closet, getting a car, buying real estate, maybe even a grand vision of our overall life plan, the key ingredient is that once the plan is created it is followed through with, in most cases, immediate action.

As an observer I’ve witnessed others perform the process of plan creation & execution and I’ve labeled it as some higher form of Magical Manifesting, while ignoring the very real follow-through that was put in day in & day out. At least in my own rare moments of successful plan making (& even rarer plan keeping) I’ve found it actually felt much more akin to follow-through.

The Art of Follow Through
Follow-through (according to Google) is defined as the continuing of an action or task to its conclusion. But that definition reveals very little about the true nature of follow through and what it actually feels like to be in the midst of a follow-through experience.Depending on where you are at emotionally in relation to what you want, you may feel a good degree more positive or negative. Either way how you feel right now is how you feel & it’s ok. It’s ok because you can choose to start wherever you are, no matter how you’re feeling but generally speaking the better you feel the easier it will go.

Follow-through can feel hard at first, in fact it can feel damn well overwhelming, thankless, boring, monotonous even unfulfilling at times. But it can also feel like a self-rewarding high. A positive feedback loop that sustains itself. And the more you put in the more you get back. It’s like pouring jet fuel on your passions & desires and serving it up with a honking side of delicious anticipation.

That’s when you know you’re harnessing the true power of follow-through, by creating a momentum of good feelings & good feeling experiences that follow, positive feeling experiences like the change you want starts happening in a more natural & unforced way than you even could have imagined.

For the most part (in my own experience) follow-through flows easier and more habitually when I’m a ways into an experience, rather than at the beginning of that self appointed quest. But for those who choose to master the way’s of follow-through the benefits they receive are compounded with interest and more than a few “lucky breaks” to look forward to along the way.

Synchronistic Breakthroughs
It’s most fortunate that one of the common and very pleasant reported side effects of follow-through are the synchronistic breakthroughs we experience when we are in the flow of realizing our plan (& often with perfect timing). Heaven’s blessing, an Archangels hand on our shoulder, a Universal Conspiracy for your wellbeing, call it what you will but there is a force in the Universe that lines up with you just as you are lining up with it. A force that knows all & judges not but whose constant aim is to align you with what you want and your best & highest purpose.

Legend of the White Buffalo
There’s no question that people who keep their promises to themselves with consistancy are rare. I used to think maybe even white buffalo rare which is estimated to be approximately one out of every 10 million births. To be fair, I definitely haven’t counted myself in those numbers much over the years. But deep down I’ve always wanted to feel like the planner & creator of my own life and if you are resonating with some of this maybe that is what you want to feel like too.

My Follow-Through Story
Off the top of my head I can think of only maybe five times over the course of my whole life I’ve “stuck to it”. There was the time I lost 40lbs with the Purple Juice thing. The time I found out about Abraham-Hicks & the Law of Attraction. The time I leveled my Diablo III character to Paragon level 100 (well it was either 99 or 100, so I’m counting it). The time I went on a smoothie/juice and then later a candida cleanse. And in a way the time I moved to British Columbia late last Summer.

At the time of my move to BC I was thinking, I’m just going to wing it like I always do but in this case I confess I was sorely missing “a good plan”. Among other things. I was missing self-confidence, belief in myself and the acute awareness that I didn’t really have a solid clue as to where I would end up caused me to have a lot of anxiety & uncertainty in my situation. My perceived lack of stability made it a bit of a bumpy ride getting here too but even so, it was an improvement. Last spring/summer before I left Alberta I would have night-time sweats & panic attacks & waking up crying and shaking, but after I got settled into Ladysmith, BC in November, 2015, I focused myself into a much better mind, body & spirit place.

Even though I didn’t completely wing the move I didn’t completely plan it out either. However there was still two things going for me:

1) I had a subconscious plan. This was my saving grace because it had been my dream for a very long time and one that I had repeated over and over in my mind before I went to sleep.
2) I followed-through with action.

My dream (that I would repeatedly visualize before falling asleep) was to live in a log cabin house on the side of a mountain, with the love of my life over looking the ocean, to make a good living doing what I love & helping others, to work from home and to have a babe… To be honest this follow-through story is still in the making but it is one that is near and dear to my heart.

I don’t know how the Universe lined it up but the man I fell (madly) in love with & I live in the upper portion of a house in Ladysmith (the town is built on a Mountainside with inclines that could rival San Francisco, though the roads are no where near as long). Our home is overlooking an inlet of ocean water which I can see even now as I’m writing this post… But never mind that right now, because there is something that really struck a cord with me the other day & what I’m sure you are waiting for.

I would like to share with you what I learned from Follow-Through guru & Motivation Manifesto creator Brendon Burchard.

How to Follow-Through & Make Change Stick – in 5 simple steps:

Step 1:
In the morning 1st thing that you want to ask yourself is what is the change that I want? And Why do I want it? Now get a pen and a piece of paper & write both these answers down. Repeat this every single morning. Every. Single. Day.

Step 2:
Do it. Schedule it. Write it down. But make sure that you do it. You can put it into your reminders list on your iPhone but whatever you do: make it a priority & follow-through by taking action on it.

Step 3:
Brendon suggests here that you Measure yourself on a scale of 1-10 for how well you feel you did today. 1 being – Meh, I didn’t try, at all and 10 being – I Frickin’ damn well ACED this shit!! (He didn’t use those exact words but I uncensored it for you.) 😉 He also suggests to use this time of self evaluation to tune into yourself and ask: Did I feel connected to it? And then go ahead and rate yourself on that as well.

Step 4:
Share it! Spread the word! Tell your social network or start a blog, share about the change that you are making. This will help you build momentum from from those cheering you on but also help keep you accountable to your word. When you say you are going to do something but you don’t cognitive dissonance (which is defined as the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change) is much stronger & much more uncomfortable because of your awareness of the expectations of others combined with your own. Bottom line do it & share it.

Step 5:
Get a Coach or a Comrade. A coach is a great partner to have when it comes to solely focusing on your goals & how you can achieve them. The right buddy can do wonders too, but ideally it should be someone with a shared goal, a friend or your mate. Have them look at your progress with you and brainstorm ways to improve. A buddy system goes a long way and ties in very much with the Social Accountability piece above.

Above all Brendon encourages: Focus, Will, Discipline, & harnessing your natural Momentum, and I got to say I feel a little twinge of jealousy at just how well this man masters all of those things. But it is doable even for the average recovering “winger” such as myself.

So how’s that feeling for you right now?

Are you Skeptical? or maybe Excited? Have you decided that you are gonna to follow-through with what matters most to you?

Even after writing out this whole blog post I can honestly tell you that the idea of making & sticking to change still freaks the living hell out of me. I’m not a master of change, a guru or ascended master. To tell you the truth I am not huge on commitments either. If I don’t keep my promises to myself I come down hard on myself & I have a real hard time getting back up.

That said, I want to make some major changes in my life. So here goes. Here’s the 3 main areas. Usually I’ve been doing at least one of these things everyday but not all. I’ve decided I would like to start doing things differently in these 3 areas of my life & using Brendon’s suggested approach to do so. Stay tuned!

1) Body:
Keep a food Journal, Eat healthy and Move my body Everyday.

2) Mind:
Finish my Coaching Certification & Open a Personal Coaching practice of my own before year’s end.

3) Spirit:
Meditate 15mins, read 30 mins & Create a blog post from my soul Everyday for 1year.

Do you have a follow-through success story or one that you are going to be starting right away?

Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear about it!